The "No Complaint" Generation

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The “No Complaint” Generation, most know them as the “Greatest Generation”.

Recently, my 88-year-old grandmother had a terrible fall where she broke her arm, hurt her hip, and some of her internal organs gave the doctors a scare. Throughout her time in the hospital she was in terrible pain, including the time the doctors re-broke her arm because it was not done correctly the first time. To add insult to her already numerous injuries, the hospital was over-crowded and her hospital bed was parked for 36 hours in the hallway. Only when a bedroom opened in a nearby rehabilitation building did my grandmother get some relief by being moved to a private room. 

The whole event was traumatic to those of us that care for her, but my grandmother saw the situation as a nuisance. This ordeal was getting in the way of her daily routines, and keeping her away from her sewing group where she makes beautiful quilts and other hand stitched art. During her stay, my stubborn grandmother never uttered a word of frustration, anger, anxiety, or fear, nor did she signal that she needed any extra attention to make her stay any more comfortable. My grandmother actually seemed annoyed when loved ones fussed over her. She was toughing it out.